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To accelerate the mass adoption of renewable and efficient energy solutions with a sense of competency, innovation, authenticity and caring.

To become the world’s most loved, most utilized, and most profitable alternative energy company.

Connectedness — “Commit to working with other’s best interests in mind”

Excellence —
“Challenge ourselves to exceed the standard”

Responsibility —
“Take ownership of actions”

Grit —
“Dare to approach every task with tenacity”

Gratitude —
“Acknowledge and appreciate everything that is good”

Choice —
“Act with the end goal in mind”

Integrity —
“Always do the right thing”

Courage —
“Maintain resilience in the face of difficulty”

Being Present —
“Be mindful of yourself and others”

Life Balance —
“Incorporate self-care into your work life”

Happy & Fun —
“Nurture happiness in all actions”